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brutal_movies's Journal

Movie Chat Where You Don't Have To Be Nice
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This is a forum for discussion of movies. Like any forum, there are certain behavioural rules, and these are as follows:

a) Anybody who says the phrase "let's agree to disagree" or anything implying the same sentiment will be banned. Agreeing to disagree is the retreat of the coward.

b) Anybody who says anything along the lines of "all opinions are equal" will be banned. All opinions are NOT equal. (When everyone's opinion is equal to everyone else's opinion, no one's opinion matters. Where all truths share equal billing on the public stage, no truths can emerge with meaning. - Michael Shermer)

c) Original posts must be either movie-related or forum-related, but conversations within those posts are free to brach of in any direction.

Other than that, it's open slather. Enjoy!
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