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Lindsays Movie Review [Sep. 15th, 2005|01:45 am]
Movie Chat Where You Don't Have To Be Nice


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Hello to everyone =D

New to the community and i love giving movie reviews, and just made a few tonite, so i decided to finally join a group and force my opinion on everybody else!! so anyways, over the last few weeks I've watched a few movies.. some that were lacking, and others that delivered a slightly enjoyable performance. Here's my brutal review.


WoW. First off.. I bought this with "Win a date with Tad Hamilton" (which on the other hand, kicks ass, but i'll get to that later) It was at Rogers video months ago, and there were two for $9.99. And i thought, hey what the hell? Its spiders.. It should be good for a scare.

I was horribly wrong.

I tried watching it that night, but couldnt force myself through it. A few nights ago i couldnt sleep. So i thought, What better to help me sleep then a movie that was an abomination to any film... ever made? However, it didnt help me fall asleep.

Unfortunatly it was like a car wreck... I couldnt look away. It was truely awful.

It's like it narrowly escaped from the void of cheap production and managed to drag itself over the bridge of terrible writing into the forest of unbelievably stupid plots, where it was shot in the hind leg by the hunter of lame performances... where, somehow it got away, and with its last breath, limped onto DVD.

Not recomended. Out of ten, ten being how badly it sucked and one being the best film ever. I give this film 1 000, 000 hairy vaginas.

Win a Date With Tad Hamilton

No im not a giggly girly girl who ran out and bought this movie for swooning purposes. Eric on that 70's show showed no physical appeal to me, and i had no idea who the guy was who played Tad. I just thought, hey, what a clever idea, what girl in the world, hasnt thought about that concept? meeting your favorite star, and they fall madly in love with you? HELLO?!?! Not only are both of the male characters just adorable in their own ways, but the girls performances are hilarious as well. Dont really know what else to say. It was all around enjoyable.


Did anybody else watch the series premiere of "Supernatural"? Because if you're like me and my sister, we did, and we most definatly fell in love with Jensen Ackles. If i cover my walls in posters, shoot me. So anywho...

At the video store today me and my sister were browsing for stupid horror movies like usual.. (after we had ventured to rent "Urban Legends: Bloody Mary" and it was gone...) and while browsing through titles i saw one that cought my eye " Hey, we can always get devour" i said, and handed Courtney the dvd case. and who was on the cover? but our Jensen. *drools*

So I wont sugar coat this for anybody. It was alright. I mean, ofcourse it was tolerable because of the eye candy (for guys as well... i have to say that Shannyn whatever her name is, is pretty hot, but must die, for she has now kissed heath (a knights tale), joshua (40 days, 40 nights) and now Jensen. bitch.) And the plot wasnt too horrible either. Until the end.

It was almost as if the guys in charge looked at their watches and realized they were pretty far in, and said, "holy shit, we'd better wrap this up. start throwing stuff at the audience. they'll buy it."

So all in all, if you want to waste an hour or two one night and are open minded to weird ideas, and some eye candy ofcourse, combined with a lot of gore, and one short, but relatively hot sex scene... rent it for sure. but guys.. be careful, there's a mother/son moment that is horribly upsetting.


Another movie we rented today. We saw online that it was just released, and that it was based on the concept of Dean Koontz's book. So why not? He has some pretty clever ideas?

And all in all, it was slightly clever, (ofcourse I knew who the killer was pretty early on, because im a freak and i've seen way too many movies) and the idea of a "frankenstein" is actually pretty impressive, when you think about how intelligent this man must be to actually build a human being, and bring it to life. but anyways... some pretty gory scenes and definatly a cliff hanger ending. (*made for t.v.... hopefully a followup to come? who knows*) I'd say its worth seeing if you like Dean Koontz like we do.

Still waiting on TickTock tho.... *cries a little*


Alright, well i guess thats enough for right now, hope any of this comes in handy and i'll continue to let u know about any other crappy, or maybe even good, movies i see in the future.